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Lock and Rock pedals has received a "Thank You " for an eighth time in a CD release!

Pedals have now been sold in Europe and Canada!!!!!!!

By Brannon Electronics, Inc.
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Sweet Boost  Sour Boost  Quick Boost  Tidal Wave  Tremo Boost  Mic Cut  Mic Cut II  Hot Swap  Stomp Clock Plus .....and more soon

Products designed with the Guitar player in mind. Simple, Versatile, Intuitive, Durable, Rugged pedals with great tone. Pedals that allow adjustments to be made without the use of POTs. Pedals that allow fast changes to the settings. Pedals that have different Color LEDs to indicate the setting with only a glance. Pedals with long battery life. Pedals that warn you when you have only enough battery life for a few more gigs. Pedals that can be totally adjusted using only your foot. Pedals that incorporate musician's comments, so they work for you. Pedals that give you that tone/effect that you won't play without. Pedals that are simple. Pedals that you will trust. Pedals that adapt to your playing style and needs. Pedals that don't get out of adjustment. Pedals that you won't turn off. Pedals that have switches that feel good. Pedals that are stable to stomp. Just plainly stated 'Street Smart Guitar Effects'.  If you want a great guitar effects pedal you should try some of these out!

Check out the product pages for information, manuals, comments and SALE PRICES:
(operator's manual are now available for downloads on product pages)

SweetBoost  (List $229.00)******OUR BEST SELLER*****
SourBoost  (List $319.00)  ******Visit Specific Product Pages (or order page) for Current Sale Pricing******
QuickBoost ($289.00)
Tremoboost ($309.00)
Mic Cut II  ($169.00)
Hot Swap ($199.00)
Stomp Clock Plus ($179.00)
Tidal Wave ($329.00)

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To request additional information email info@lockandrock.com or tom@brannonelectronics.com
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Note:  Some products have limited quantities available. Dealer inquires are welcomed. Endorsements appreciated. Operation Manual downloads are available on product pages.  Made in Texas.  Pedals have now been sold in Europe and Canada . Feel free to contact us for more information.  If you buy multiple pedals contact us for a discount.  If you already own one of our pedals--ask for a repeat customer discount.

Professional Musicians - Changes can be made to these products if required in order for the operation and settings to better suit your needs. These changes can usually be made for a very small or no fee.  Contact us for any special requirements you might have, or to discuss available options. Also, as product improvements are made to a specific pedal, return your pedal  (pay the postage both ways) and we'll update your pedal operation for free.

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